A Beacon of Light and Hope to a Lost and Dying World.

JR Lightstein

My wife Carrie and I have been members of Midland Christian Church since 1997. We have been blessed with 4 beautiful children (3 boys- Nate, Jeb, Zach and our daughter is Trinity). In 2008 I answered God’s call into full-time ministry. I have been Senior Pastor since January, 2012.

MCC is and has been our family for such a long time. My deepest desire is for the members of MCC to live lives of freedom in Jesus Christ. As we live lives that reflect the Son, people will be drawn to our church. As people are drawn to our church, they will hear the life changing message of Jesus Christ. I am sold-out in my commitment to Jesus and His Holy Word. It is the biggest privilege, honor and blessing to serve my family here at Midland Christian Church.